13 März 2007, 09:14
A "New World Order" With Warming "Deniers" Threatened
Czech President: "Religion" of Environmentalism a way of "masterminding human society from above" - By John-Henry Westen

London (kath.net/LifeSiteNews.com)
The general appreciation for taking care of the earth's resources, of being stewards of creation is being exploited to drive a political and even mythological system of environmentalism. The President of the Czech Republic spoke at the Cato Institute Friday calling "environmentalism" a "religion", and warning against the hysteria being generated by 'global warming' enthusiasts.

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"All of us are very much in favour of maximum environmental protection and protection of nature," said President Vaclav Klaus during a follow-up interview for a Cato podcast. "But it has nothing in common with environmentalism, which is ideological and practically attacking our freedom."

Environmentalism is, he said "a way of introducing new forms of statism, new forms of masterminding human society from above." The Czech President noted that the citizens of his nation experienced communism first hand giving them awareness of agendas of domination. It is, he said, "something we feel very strongly about because our experience with communism gives us very special sensitivity in this respect."

Almost as if on queue, Gordon Brown, likely to replace Tony Blair as the next British prime minister, delivered a speech today calling for a "new world order" to combat global warming. He called on the United Nations to make the fight against global warming a core "pillar" of its international mission.

The warnings of President Klaus come as no surprise to the pro-life movement which has warned for years that Kyoto and similar proposals to counter global warming have at their core a population control agenda.

According to scientists who contest the science behind global warming, the faithful followers of the environmentalist religion do not sanction dissent. Timothy Ball, a former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, told the Sunday Telegraph that he has received five deaths threats by email since raising concerns about the degree to which man was affecting climate change.

"I can tolerate being called a sceptic because all scientists should be sceptics, but then they started calling us deniers, with all the connotations of the Holocaust," said Ball. "That is an obscenity. It has got really nasty and personal."

The Telegraph also reports that Richard Lindzen, the professor of Atmospheric Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently stated that: "Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves labelled as industry stooges." Dr Myles Allen, from Oxford University, concurred: "The Green movement has hijacked the issue of climate change. It is ludicrous to suggest the only way to deal with the problem is to start micro managing everyone, which is what environmentalists seem to want to do."

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