13 April 2012, 10:00
The power of forgiveness is definitely the most important message
“Every human life, created in the divine image, is unique and should be fought for”, says Rachel Hendrix, leading actress of “October Baby” in an interview with KATH.NET. By Johannes Graf

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“October Baby”, a feature film critical of abortion, is a surprise hit at the box-office. On the opening weekend it earned the second highest per-screen-average, although it was only shown in 390 movie-theaters. All major studios had previously rejected the movie, the New York Times’ film critic had pulled it to pieces. Due to the first weeks’ success, the movie will be released in additional theaters on April 13th.

“October Baby” tells the story of Hannah, a young student who finds out she has survived her own abortion and was then given up for adoption. During spring break, joined by a few friends, she embarks on a journey into her past. Jon Erwin, director, producer and writer, told FOXNews, he was inspired to make the movie by Gianna Jessen. Gianna also survived her own abortion in 1977 and today gives testimony for the dignity of unborn babies and their right to life.


According to the movie’s homepage, 10 percent of the profits are assigned to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund. The fund distributes the revenue to organizations helping women in pregnancy crisis, life-affirming adoption agencies and institutions caring for orphans.

KATH.NET had the opportunity to interview Rachel Hendrix, who plays Hannah’s role.

How did you get involved in the movie "October Baby"?

Rachel: Jon Erwin sent me the script in January of 2010 and said I had the role if I wanted it. Because we had worked together on short films and music videos in the past, I was excited to be acting again, especially in a story as powerful as October Baby.

What was your reaction when you first heard about Hannah's story?

Rachel: I thought the script was very well written and it deeply moved me, so I was on board from the beginning to portray her character.

In your opinion, what is the most important message of "October Baby"?

Rachel: The power of forgiveness is definitely the most important message in the story. I think Jon (Erwin) and Andy (Erwin) handle this subject so delicately while at the same time as showing how complex and difficult forgiveness truly is. I found Hannah's conflicted nature to be realistic and relatable for people who struggle with harboring unforgiveness, so for me it was a very honest portrayal.

Which scene or which scenes were most intense for you to play?

Rachel: I particularly remember the role with Jasmine Guy (the nurse) being extremely intense because each take was about 8 minutes long, which is very long with the nature of dialog we had together. It was intense and hot and emotional. I just remember being uncomfortably hot and devastated the entire time we filmed that scene.

What is your opinion on abortion?

Rachel: I am for life, and in the case of the pregnancy endangering the mother's right to life, I am for the choice of the mother. I know the issue isn't black and white, but I also know there is a strong need for compassion to those women who aren't decided. As Randy Alcorn first said it so well, whenever I see an unmarried woman carrying a child, my first response is one of respect. I know she could have taken the quick fix without anyone knowing, but she chose instead to let an innocent child live. I affirm that every human life, created in the divine image, is unique and should be fought for.

Thank you very much.

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