kath.net launches „Europe prays“

6. Jänner 2022 in English

Christians gather in public to pray for an end of the Covid-pandemic, for freedom, for an end of the prevailing polarization and for a conversion of hearts - with the support of Cardinal Mueller, Bishop Eleganti, Dean Steinwender, Peter Hahne

Vienna-Berlin-Zurich (kath.net) At New Year, kath.net starts it’s prayer initiative „Europe prays“: Christians are praying for an end of the Covid-pandemic-Christians are praying for freedom-Christians are praying that we may overcome the diversion in our society-Christians are praying for their politicians-and Christians are praying for the conversion of hearts. This is an invitation for everyone! Let us meet once a week at public places and pray,pray,pray. Catholics can f.e. pray the Rosary. Protestants and other Evangelicals pray. Orthodox pray. Christians of all denominations just pray! An invitation to head to the streets and just pray - please register your prayer event here: https://europabetet.jetzt/


This initiative is supported by Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, Bishop Eleganti, Deacon Ignaz Steinwender, Peter Hahne and many others! More is to come!


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